Honig's Pro "Elite" Protector 2010

Honig's Pro "Elite" Protector 2010

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One of the lightest protectors on the market is now stronger than ever!  You may see protectors that look like the Pro-Elite, but none have the same guts to take a Major League fastball.  The interior rigid plates have been upgraded to HD115, increasing the strength, rigidity and hardness.  On the back, we've attached 5 removable velcro pads for extra protection while at the same time creating a 1/4'' space between the protector and your torso for improved air flow and comfort.  An adjustable clavicle insert allows you to find the perfect fit.
The hard shell over the pre-curved collarbone plates combined with the rigid lightweight HD115 plates and low rebound closed cell foam helps disperse and deaden the impact of the ball.  HD115 inserts added near the waistline wrap around your side for maximum protection.  Includes "y-strap" harness.
Adjustments at the shoulder and waist along with a new attachment point for the optional biceps pad all combine to make this fit like a glove.  PLUS, we've dropped the price, making it more affordable to everyone!
Black only.
Available in 2 sizes:  REGULAR (12") or XL (14").