Windsor Electronic Whistle Single-Tone

Windsor Electronic Whistle Single-Tone

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Single tone – Pealess Whistle sound – Orange with Black trim Model 8320: 3 Tones (including Pealess  Each set of AAA Batteries produces more than 1000 blasts. • Loud 105-dB Whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended, and away from user.

Advantages of Electronic Whistles • Loud, Consistent Sound Every Time, even if user is short of breath or injured. • Personal Safety & Signaling Device – for Hikers, Hunters, Campers, Senior Citizens, Joggers, and anyone who could benefit from carrying a whistle. • Referees and Coaches – Easier to give verbal commands without a Whistle in user’s mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice. • Improved Hygiene – Hand operated instead of mouth blown is sanitary, even for multi users.